We provide new LED fixtures for every room to find a balance between saving energy for your multi-residential building and creating a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing space for your tenants.

All fixtures from the kitchen to the bathroom we tailor to your needs, not just about energy savings but how your space looks and feels.

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We’ve been working hard providing full-service solutions to clients since 2011 but don’t take our word for it. View our Case Studies, Blog and Testimonials to see success stories and references we’ve collected along the way.



  • Housing Developments
  • Condominiums
  • Apartment Buildings

We’ve consistently worked with several of the largest property management groups in buildings across Canada to provide energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing lighting solutions, and our successful partnerships and work is reflected in our testimonials and our case studies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

LEDs consume +/- 80% less energy than traditional light sources and last 40 times longer than incandescents and 5 times longer than compact fluorescents, which translates into reduced maintenance costs from replacements and fewer disruptions to tenants.

LEDs do not contain harmful chemicals like mercury or phosphor, do not emit IR or UV light, and are built with plastic or with a shattershield rather than glass so they are far safer and more environmentally friendly for tenants.

LEDs are available in hundreds of different fixtures and styles as well as different colour temperatures and power output, so our team can find the perfect LED fixtures that match the exact style and atmosphere to satisfy your tenants while still saving energy.

We love working with homeowners directly. Unfortunately, Lightenco can provide financial incentives for homebuilders but not for residential clients. We urge you to check with your local hydro company for details, as there are often coupons available.