Chargenco is proud to provide custom turnkey solutions to commercial businesses, multi-residential buildings, institutions, and homeowners seeking to install EV charging stations. Our solutions promote the expansion of Canada’s green infrastructure and contribute to reducing GHG emissions.

Why EV Charging Stations?

Level 2 and Level 3 network connected EV chargers can generate a set hourly revenue throughout the year, advertises a strong green brand through reducing GHG emissions, and will attract more people to your building through advertised locations on charging station maps and mobile apps.

Our Service

  • EV Charging Assessment to Determine Installation Requirements & Building Infrastructure Limitations
  • Proposal for Installation and EV Charger Recommendations
  • Managing the Government Subsidy Processes
  • Safely Ensuring as Much Power is Available to EVs to maximize Range
  • Electrical Installation and Commissioning (All electrical work is subcontracted to Licensed Electrical Contractors)
  • Training of EV Charging System Options and Programming
  • Resident / Tenant Surveys to Gauge interest in EVs
  • Payment & Reconciliation Systems to Generate Revenue or Recover Costs
  • No Cost Consultation to Personalize Proposals and Avoid Pitfalls of 'Fast & Cheap' Approaches'

Request a No Cost Consultation

Contact Chargenco for an EV charging assessment to find the right solution for you.


EV Charging Subsidies

Programs through various delivery partners and the federal government are offering subsidies of up to 50% of project costs including chargers, installation, electrical permits, and commissioning, and Chargenco is committed to helping clients manage this process from start to finish.